Thursday, October 25, 2012

Switch Witch

My neighbor & friend Renee does the coolest thing for her kids with Halloween.  It's called the Switch Witch.  On Halloween after the kids get back they get to pick out a little bit of candy that they want to keep.  Then they leave the rest in a spot for the Switch Witch to come while they are sleeping.  She simply switching out the candy for a toy.  BRILLIANT!  What's a great idea to make sure the kids don't get too much candy.  We're going to try it out this year and Jaycee is pretty excited about it.  So am I.  I plan to take her good stuff and save it for when we need a "sugar" and then the rest is going in the garbage.  I'll post how it goes.


  1. this is such a clever idea. could i post it on my festive blog? of course, i would link back to you and give you and your friend credit for it!

    1. Oh I totally don't care :)
      You don't have to link it back to me silly. I'm excited to try it out this year